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Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation

Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation
Anime'nin Adı: Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation
Diğer Adları: ポケットモンスター アドバンスジェネレーション, Pokemon Advance, Pokemon AG
Kategori: TV Serisi
Tür: Macera, Oyun, Komedi
Gönderen: logan
Resmi Sitesi: [www]
Bölüm Sayısı: 191
Yayım Tarihi: 21/11/2002 ile 14/9/2006 arası
Firma/Stüdyo: TV Tokyo, Shogakukan, Oriental Light and Magic
Türkiye'de: Yayımlandı
Linkler: [ANIDB] [ANN] [1] [2]
Genel Puan: 7.00 (İstatistikler) (Yorum Gir) (Yorumları Oku) (1 Yorum Var)
Favori: 20 üyenin favori listesinde
Giriş Tarihi: 16/08/2006
Son Değişiklik: 04/05/2009


Yönetmen: Masamitsu HIDAKA
Senaryo: Atsuhiro TOMIOKA, Hideki SONODA, Junki TAKEGAMI, Shinzo FUJITA, Shoji YONEMURA, Takeshi SHUDO, Yukiyoshi OHASHI
Animasyon: Toshiya YAMADA
Müzik: Shinji MIYAZAKI
Dizayn: Sayuri ICHIISHI
Orjinal Eser: Satoshi TAJIRI


Ash, Johto Ligi bittikten sonra Pikachu ile birlikte yeni bir yolculuğa çıkmaya karar verir. Bu seferki durakları ise Hoenn adasıdır. Bu yolculukta ona, Proseför Birch'den ilk pokemonunu alan 10 yaşındaki May ve onun küçük kardeşi Max eşlik edecek. Bir zaman sonra ise Brock onlara katılacak. Yapacakları uzun yolculukta yeni pokemon görecekler, yeni arkadaşlar sahip olacaklar, yeni rozetler kazanacaklar... kısaca yepyeni maceralara adım atacaklar.

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Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation ポケットモンスター アドバンスジェネレーション Pokemon Advance Pokemon AG Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation

Bölüm Listesi:

001. Get the Show on the Road!
002. A Ruin With A View
003. There`s No Place Like Hoenn
004. You Can Never Taillow!
005. In The Knicker Of Time!
006. A Poached Ego!
007. Tree`s A Crowd!
008. A Tail With A Twist
009. Taming of the Shroomish!
010. You Said A Mouthful!
011. A Bite To Remember
012. The Lotad Lowdown
013. All Things Bright and Beautifly!
014. All In A Day`s Wurmple!
015. Gonna Rule The School!
016. Winner By A Nosepass!
017. Stairway to Devon!
018. On a Wingull and a Prayer!
019. Sharpedo Attack!
020. Brave The Wave
021. Which Wurmple is Which?
022. A Hole Lotta Trouble!!
023. Gone Corphishin`
024. A Corphish Out Of Water!
025. A Mudkip Mission!
026. Turning Over a Nuzleaf!
027. A Three Team Scheme!
028. Seeing is Believeing!
029. Ready, Willing And Sableye!
030. A Meditite Fight!
031. Just One Of The Geysers
032. Abandon Ship!
033. Now That`s Flower Power!
034. Having a Wailord of a Time!
035. Win, Lose or Drew!
036. The Spheal of Approval
037. Jump For Joy!
038. A Different Kind of Misty!
039. A Pokeblock Party!
040. Watt`s With Wattson?
041. What You Seed Is What You Get!
042. Love At First Flight!
043. Let Bagons Be Bagons!
044. Kasumi`s Entrance! Togepi and the Kingdom of Illusions!!
045. A Togepi Mirage!
046. Candid Camerupt!
047. I Feel Skitty!
048. ZigZag Zangoose!
049. Maxed Out!
050. Pros & Con Artists!
051. Come What May!
052. Cheer Pressure!
053. Game Winning Assist!
054. Fight for the Meteorite!
055. Poetry Commotion!
056. Going, Going, Yawn
057. Going For A Spinda!
058. All Torkoal, No Play!
059. Manectric Charge!
060. Delcatty Got Your Tongue!
061. Disaster of Disguise!
062. Disguise Da Limit!
063. Take the Lombre Home
064. True Blue Swablu!
065. Gulpin It Down!
066. Exploud and Clear!
067. Go Go Ludicolo!
068. A Double Dilemma
069. Love, Petalburg Style!
070. Balance of Power
071. A Six Pack Attack!
072. The Bicker the Better
073. Grass Hysteria
074. Hokey Pokeballs
075. Whiscash and Ash
076. Me, Myself & Time
077. A Fan With A Plan
078. Cruisin` For a Losin`
079. Pearls are a Spoink`s Best Friend
080. That`s Just Swellow
081. Take This House and Shuppet
082. A Shroomish Skirmish
083. Unfair-Weather Friends
084. Who`s Flying Now?
085. Sky High Gym Battle!
086. Lights, Camerupt, Action
087. Crazy as a Lunatone
088. The Garden Of Eatin`
089. A Scare to Remember
090. Pokeblock, Stock, and Berry
091. Pokémon Contest! Lilycove Tournament
092. Judgement Day!
093. Clamperl of Wisdom
094. The Relicanth Really Can
095. The Evolutionary War
096. Training Wrecks
097. Gaining Groudon
098. The Scuffle of Legends
099. It`s Still Rocket Roll to Me
100. Solid as a Solrock
101. Vanity Affair
102. Where`s Armaldo?
103. A Cacturne for the Worse
104. Claydol Big and Tall
105. Once in a Mawile
106. Beg, Burrow and Steal
107. Absol-ute Disaster
108. Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt
109. Do I Hear a Ralts?
110. The Great Eight Fate!
111. Eight Ain`t Enough
112. Showdown At Linoone
113. Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut!
114. Date Expectations
115. Mean With Envy
116. Pacifidlog Jam!
117. Berry, Berry Interesting
118. Less is Morrison
119. The Ribbon Cup Caper!
120. Ash & May! Heated Battles In Hoenn! (Unaired outside Japan)
121. Hi Ho Silver Wind!
122. Deceit and Assist
123. Rhapsody in Drew
124. Island Time
125. Like a Meowth to a Flame
126. Saved By The Beldum
127. From Brags to Riches
128. Shocks and Bonds
129. A Judgment Brawl
130. Choose It or Lose It!
131. At the End of the Fray
132. The Scheme Team
133. The Right Place and the Right Mime
134. A Real Cleffa Hanger
135. Numero Uno Articuno
136. The Symbol Life
137. Hooked On Onix
138. Rough, Tough Jigglypuff
139. On Cloud Arcanine
140. Sitting Psyduck
141. Hail to the Chef!
142. Caterpie`s Big Dilemma
143. The Saffron Con
144. A Hurdle for Squirtle
145. Pasta La Vista!
146. Psychic vs. Ghost! The Midnight Duel!?
147. Manene Enters! The Relaxation Guesthouse!
148. Mudkip and Flaaffy! The Wonder Drug of Love!?
149. Battle Arena! The Hand-to-Hand Fighting Showdown!!
150. The Day Care Worker and the Pokemon`s Egg!
151. The Rival is a Salaryman!?
152. The Lake of Dragonair!
153. Battle Dome! A Fusion of Fire and Water!!
154. Startled! Surprised! Elekid!!
155. Pokemon Ranger Appears! Celebi Rescue Mission!!
156. Usohachi and the Ninja School
157. May Passes Through Time
158. Fierce Fighting Battle Tube! VS Tube Queen Azami
159. Who Has The Championship In Hand! Pokemon Orienteering!
160. Gonbes Debut Battle! Harley and Taking the Game Seriously!
161. Grovile VS Tropius! Grassland Duel!!
162. Pokemon Contest! Yuzuhira Convention!!
163. Jukain! Dawn of Revival!
164. Fierce Fighting! Jungle Battle at the Battle Palace!!
165. Usohachi King and Manene Queen!
166. The Skyscraper`s Red Inazuma
167. Decisive Match! Haruka VS Takeshi!!
168. Muchul and Three Rougela Sisters!!
169. Tower Tycoon, Lila Enters!
170. Battle Tower! Telepathy Battle!!
171. Pokemon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis!!
172. Sudowoodo! Gold Legend!?
173. Harley and Team Rocket: The Formation of a Villain Alliance!?
174. May VS Jessie! The Last Contest!
175. Team Rocket Disbands! Respective Roads!
176. Takeshi & Satoshi! Defend Nibi Gym in a Tag Battle!!
177. Battle Pyramid! VS Regirock!!
178. Marvel! Mountain of the Giant Slaking!!
179. Raising the curtain! Pokémon Contest - Grand Festival!!
180. Haruka vs. Harley! Stage On Using a Double Battle!!
181. Haruka VS Shuu! The Final Battle!!
182. Aipom and the King!
183. Perap and the Pokémon Comedian!
184. Attack! The Stray Manyula!!
185. Battle Pyramid Again! VS Registeel!!
186. Haruka vs Shuu! Rivals Forever
187. The Pokemon Center is Very Busy!
188. The First Pokemon! The Last Battle!!
189. Decisive Battle! VS Regice!!
190. Satoshi VS Haruka! Last Battle!!
191. The End of a Journey; The Start of a Journey
S1. Chiisaki Mono ~Pokemon Edit~
S2. The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon



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